ATK, CDK, SDK – What does it mean?

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MyScript provides several toolkits to easily integrate handwriting into a wide range of applications.

MyScript SDK was the first available. It provides low-level APIs that enable to integrate handwriting recognition into any type of applications and across a wide range of operating systems and real-time environments. Other toolkits were then introduced with MyScript SDK at their core, in order to provide higher-level APIs that make the development of web and mobile applications easier.

MyScript SDK is not available from MyScript Developer, but you can contact us for more information.

MyScript CDK (Cloud Development Kit) was introduced to support web development. It provides cloud-based recognition services and high-level web components to quickly integrate handwriting recognition into web applications.

MyScript CDK is available from MyScript Developer.

MyScript ATK (Application ToolKit) was the latest introduced to facilitate mobile application development. It provides high-level components and widgets to quickly leverage handwriting recognition into native mobile applications. It covers the three main mobile operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows (UWP).

MyScript ATK can be downloaded from MyScript Developer.

Moving forward, MyScript will simplify its offering, standardizing on the Software Development Kit (SDK) terminology and considering web and mobile environments as platforms equally supported by all MyScript SDKs. This new approach has already been implemented in many sections of the January 2017 update of MyScript Developer (like the new Get started page). A smooth transition will be managed in the course of 2017.

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