MyScript CDK 3.2 release

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MyScript CDK 3.2, MyScript's server-based recognition service. Under the hood, the team worked hard to include the latest version of MyScript SDK, which brings many improvements.

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Text service

  • New cursive superimposed: in superimposed mode, MyScript CDK now supports input of word fragments over the others: Superimposed

  • Support of 21 new superimposed languages, bringing the total supported number to 60: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azeri, Basque, Belarusian, Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Galician, Irish, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Romanian, Serbian (Latin & Cyrillic), and Ukrainian.

  • Generalization of automatic space detection: the auto-spacing feature, previously only available for CJK languages has been consistently extended to all superimposed languages. The engine will now automatically insert space at the appropriate locations.

  • Recognition gains: on average, recognition error rate was reduced by 5%, and up to 15% in Japanese. Significant gains were also specifically obtained for superimposed.

  • Linguistic resources have been updated with new words.

  • New Bosnian language (bs_BA) supporting all styles of writing.

Math service

  • New math symbols: minus plus (∓), because (∵), therefore (∴), less than over equal to (≦), greater than over equal to (≧), script capital f (ℱ), script capital l (ℒ), arcs (ex: 𝐴̂𝐵).

  • Improvements to the fence rule to support non-matching left and right symbols, like in [𝐴, 𝐵).

  • Various math improvements, like better identification of superscripts and subscripts and improved line detection.

In addition, this release was the usual opportunity to update our different software dependencies to the latest supported versions to stay as future-proof as possible.

Note: REST v2.3 APIs are marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Current customers, please make sure to update your URLs following the instructions provided in the release notes.

Creating an account is all you need to start experimenting with MyScript recognition for free (with a limited number of daily requests sent to the server). Or just log in to your existing MyScript Developer account.

To facilitate the integration of web-service-based recognition into web applications, you may take advantage of MyScript Web Components, UI web components for Math and Text recognition that you can modify at will. Watch them in action: we developed a small math input plugin for Microsoft® Office as an example you can play with and study. The code is available on GitHub and explained step-by-step.

We hope that you will enjoy using this new version of MyScript CDK. We would also love to hear from you.

Do not hesitate to provide your feedback via the community forums.

Happy coding!

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