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MyScript text and math handwriting recognition technologies have been awarded for recognition accuracy in all international competitions during the last decade. And while every user's writing style is different, MyScript does not require any specific information from the user (e.g. through capturing handwriting user samples) to deliver this level of quality.

However, there are situations where it is valuable to customize the recognition behavior. For example:

  • To control the text data entered into a form field; e.g. a specific character set or a finite set of values
  • To adapt math recognition to the grade of a student

In these cases, specific resources can be built and attached to the recognizer in order to control its behavior.

For text recognition, the resource type can be:

  • Subset knowledge to control the expected characters
  • Lexicon to control the expected return values

For math recognition, a math grammar resource will define the type of expression that can be entered.

The Tools section in the Support area proposes MyScript Resource Builder. This tool simply takes a text file as input and delivers the corresponding resource file.

Please go to this page to know more about the possibilities to customize recognition behavior. But again, this is purely optional, as MyScript technology has been designed to deliver you with the best-in-class accuracy out of the box.

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