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MyScript is pleased to announce the winners of the MyScript App Challenge, an online hackathon that challenged developers to create innovative applications of digital ink technology.

Participants were invited to build applications using APIs available in the MyScript Cloud Development Kit (CDK) or Application Toolkit (ATK). These tools are available free of charge for non-commercial use on MyScript Developer.

Submissions were judged on four main criteria including effective use of the MyScript APIs, app design, utility of use case demonstrated by the app, and innovation in the use of handwriting recognition. The competition was judged by a global panel of industry experts including team members from MyScript Labs, analysts from IDC and Jon Peddie Research, and tech media including Android Rundown.

Grand Prize Winner: Fing'R Mote (Developed by Patrick Percevaux)

Fing'R Mote, an app created by Patrick Percevaux that allows users to use handwriting to control their TVs or IP TV boxes from a smartphone, won the competition's Grand Prize. With the app, users can use handwriting as an input method to quickly and easily find programs and change channels. Users can also leverage intuitive gestures to browse device menus, control volume, and perform other common functions. The app offers a simple interface to enhance the user experience when controlling their devices.

1st Runner Up: Numbers and Letters Game (Developed by Samir Toumi, ST-Design)

The 1st Runner Up was awarded to Numbers and Letters Game. Created by Samir Toumi (ST-Design), the game allows users to use handwriting to complete arithmetic and text puzzles. The app is available for preview by the developer and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. Future plans for the app include Facebook integration, online challenges, additional levels, and a children's version of the game.

2nd Runner Up: Draw & Dial (Developed by Faisal Almahdi)

Draw & Dial, an app created by Faisal Almahdi, was awarded 2nd Runner Up. With Draw and Dial, users can use handwriting to quickly search and find phone contacts by simply drawing letters. Utilizing MyScript Superimposed technology, users can continuously write characters on top of each other, providing simple dialing with little to no distraction in situations such as driving. The app is available now on the App Store.

Popular Choice Award: Spell Script (Developed by Nebojša Kamber, Branko Sedlar)

In parallel to the formal judging process, the general public was invited to vote for their favorite hackathon projects. Spell Script, an app created by Nebojša Kamber and Branko Sedlar, won the Popular Choice Award. The game allows users to practice their handwriting and spelling skills in a fun and interactive way in their selected language of English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. Added motivation for the user is a scoreboard of top players, sorted by their spelling level, on a daily, weekly and "all time" basis.

Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to all of the participating developers! Click here to view all the submissions.

Want to build your own app using MyScript technology? Click here to visit MyScript Developer.

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