Introducing MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.0

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This new SDK gives you access to the MyScript Interactive Ink technology powering MyScript’s award-winning note-taking application Nebo.

While MyScript Application Toolkit 2.2 already offered an early implementation of the Interactive Ink technology, MyScript iink SDK goes further in that direction and takes into account numerous feedbacks gathered from our community to improve the overall developer experience.

Key improvements compared to MyScript ATK 2.2:

  • MyScript iink SDK brings back the ability to manage text that was absent from ATK 2.x releases.
  • MyScript iink SDK allows managing Text Documents, which include blocks of multiple types such as text, math, and diagram, with an infinite and responsive layout.
  • While keeping APIs simple, MyScript iink SDK relies on components without UI to leave the developer full flexibility to define the user interface of his application.
  • Import / export features are available to easily integrate the target application into digital workflows.
  • Rather than zip files, the packaging now leverages the most common package manager for each mobile operating system.

A key benefit of MyScript iink SDK is that the Cloud is supported like mobile operating systems, with consistent features. MyScript iink SDK 1.0 Web support covers Text and Math blocks, with future versions to address Diagram and Text Document content types.

MyScript iink SDK is set to replace both ATK and CDK when the required functional perimeter will be covered and an easy migration path proposed to existing users of these toolkits. Note that ATK certificates and license management is fully compatible with MyScript iink SDK.

Besides its interactive APIs, MyScript iink SDK also includes simple batch APIs to access the basic recognition capabilities of MyScript technology.

Please consult MyScript iink SDK documentation to know more about this new offering.

Enjoy this new SDK, and don’t hesitate to share your experience with us.

MyScript Developer team

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