MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.1 released

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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.1.

This new release comes packed with improvements, right in time for developers attending the DevWeek 2018 San Francisco hackathon that we are proud to sponsor. Whether you have an idea for the next handwriting-enabled killer app or just want to discuss future plans with us, do drop by!

Among the many improvements brought by the iink SDK 1.1, we can list:

  • Improved platform support, with the addition of a new Windows “desktop” .NET API, along with WPF-based example codes and a matching UI Reference Implementation.
  • Ability to export diagrams to PPTX files or to the Office clipboard format.
  • Ability to programmatically access the internal hierarchy of diagram blocks.
  • Support for guides in Text blocks, making it easier for your users to understand where to write, as well as responsiveness and editing gesture behaviors.
  • Optional character information in JIIX export, which lets you build ink search engines highlighting sub-word matches.
  • Inclusion of a smart guide component in the UI Reference Implementation that you can leverage to let your users get immediate recognition feedback and select recognition candidates.
  • A web platform that is now closer to its native counterpart, with the support for custom recognition resources and the ability to style text content via a wide range of supported fonts.
  • Ability to combine the iink undo/redo stack with that of your application.
  • Integration of the latest MyScript technology improvements bringing significant accuracy gains for math and for text words that are not part of the default lexicons for all 53 languages.
  • Bug fixes all over the place.

Many features in this release directly result from requests you sent us, so keep the feedback coming.

We hope you will enjoy this new release. Jump on your package managers, and get it while it is hot!

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