MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.2 released!

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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.2!

A key focus for this new release was to streamline processing of raw digital ink. This makes it easier than ever to implement an ink search functionality on existing, non-interactive note taking applications or to integrate digital pen & paper solutions with the iink ecosystem.

  • Interactive Ink SDK features a new “Raw Content” content type, coming with a built-in text block extractor to automatically detects and extract ink corresponding to text in raw digital ink. Such ink can then be processed by iink SDK and even turn interactive.
  • It is now possible to import ink into a “Text” backend where guides have been deactivated and to re-activate them once the recognition is done to have ink automatically re-align on clean baselines. This functionality is particularly suited to process ink retrieved from digital pen & paper devices and make it interactive.

A second focus of the release has been the ability for the Web platform to process requests in “batch”, via a new REST API. Direct, non-interactive, diagram recognition is now supported via this API.

Following this change, the CDK v3 WebSocket and REST APIs have been marked as deprecated. Customers are encouraged to migrate to iink SDK v4 WebSocket and REST APIs.

The rest of the iink cross-platform stack has not been neglected either, as the following list of changes can testify:

  • New math configuration options, with the ability to better tune the display of solver results.
  • New diagram configuration options that let you choose which type of elements shall be converted and which shall remain as ink. You can now also specify the time interval between the last pen up event and the subsequent contentChanged() notification.
  • Ability to enable/disable gesture processing via the configuration.
  • Integration of the latest improvements of MyScript technology, bringing:
    • Support for 6 new recognition languages:
      • Cebuano - Philippines (ceb_PH)
      • English - Philippines (en_PH)
      • Filipino - Philippines (fil_PH)
      • Malagasy - Madagascar (mg_MG)
      • Spanish - Colombia (es_CO)
      • Swahili - Tanzania (sw_TZ)
    • Text recognition improvements
      • Better recognition of alphanumerical expressions such as “1st”, “2/3rd” or “C++”
      • Recognition of 6 families of emojis, with a total of 16 variants
    • Math recognition improvements
      • Support of two new rules: partial and slanted fractions
      • Better recognition accuracy for Korean users, taking into account the specific way Korean people handwrite math symbols.
  • Many fixes!

Finally, MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.2 also comes with the following native-only main features and changes:

  • New package manipulation APIs, offering more flexibility to (de)serialize iink data.
  • Additional APIs to manipulate content parts, with the ability to delete parts or move them across packages.
  • Ability to override the default configuration at editor level, making it easier to implement form use cases, where each field can have a different configuration.
  • Possibility to pass a nullrender target to more easily use iink SDK off-screen.
  • Built-in ability to export any block as image.
  • New methods for finer undo/redo stack management.

Many features in this release directly result from requests you sent us, so keep the feedback coming!

We hope you will enjoy this new release. Jump on your package managers and get it while it is hot!

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