MyScript wins 2016 Appy award

MyScript Calculator takes the award for the best Utility and Device Enhancement application.

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NEW YORK – May 24, 2016 – MyScript is pleased to announce that they are the recipient of the prestigious Appy Awards for MyScript Calculator, the winner in the application competition for the Utilities and Device Enhancement category.

MyScript Calculator has been downloaded over 30 million times for both iOS and Android platforms. With its highly intuitive user interface, MyScript Calculator is able to instantly calculate complex, handwritten equations. Users simply write their equations on their screen, and the digital ink interprets the entries and instantly calculates with seamless editing.
“We are excited to participate in the Appy competition,” said Gary Baum, vice president of marketing at MyScript. “We are proud that our calculator application successfully achieved the intuitive, advanced user experience that we desire to provide. Combining handwriting input and digital processing together enables applications that are truly productive and demonstrate the power of digital ink.”

MyScript Calculator leverages MyScript’s breakthrough technology – Interactive Ink management, which provides ink editing ability and interprets the meaning of users’ handwritten input in real-time through machine learning and neural network techniques. This enables a user to enter information into the calculator without concern about the order in which the equation is entered, and by using mathematical symbols and numerals to get a calculation. Advanced equations that once required scientific calculators can now be solved using handwriting for instant solutions. Educational institutions like Khan Academy have solved over 3.5 million mathematical equations using MyScript’s Math technology.

Utilizing the MyScript application programming interfaces (APIs), developers can incorporate multiple handwriting recognition engines, including text, math, shape and music into an application providing the human machine interface (HMI) benefits demonstrated by the MyScript Calculator application. These development tools are available free of charge for noncommercial use on MyScript Developer. Developers are invited to build applications using APIs available in either the MyScript Cloud Development Kit (CDK) or Application Toolkit (ATK) for client resident applications.

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