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We updated MyScript Developer to introduce new pricing for both the Cloud Development Kit and the Application Toolkit.

Thanks to all of your feedback, integrating the toolkits is now more cost-effective, allowing faster deployment of handwriting in the market. As usual, feedback is welcome: send us an email at

Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

The CDK pricing on MyScript Developer was often a subject of discussion. Counting ink volume was not definitive in predicting your costs. And the price structure is reported as inhibiting potential business.

So we decided to completely redefine the CDK pricing model.

It is now based on counting requests, which makes cost estimation easier. Requests are counted monthly. The price per request gets lower as more requests are processed during the month. And the first 2,000 requests of each month are free.

Requests are counted as follows:

  • A REST call using the REST API, with the ink volume containing less than 800 kilobytes.

  • Time between a websocket open and a websocket close when using the websocket API. Timeouts apply to enforce the spirit of the pricing (5 minutes max, 3 minutes idle time max, 30 seconds recognition time max). This should not be a constraint for normal usage.

The pre-paid method with packs is replaced by a post-paid method with an invoice sent at the beginning of each month. To support this new payment method, MyScript uses Chargify, one of the market leaders, especially in terms of reliability and security.

Application Toolkit (ATK)

Bigger packs are now available with attractive discounts to assist those of you well advanced in your application deployment.

The 500 licenses pack, which was seldom purchased, has been removed and replaced by the 1,000 licenses pack which is now lower cost than the prior offering and an attractive entry level option.

Last but not least, the Starter pack now includes 400 run-time licenses instead of the previous 40. This gives you more flexibility when testing and evaluating a new application.

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