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We have just launched a new version of MyScript Developer.

Our goal was to make it easier to use:

  • A new getting started page that drives you through downloading, building and running a first sample,
  • An improved Dashboard area where you can manage your resources more easily,
  • New Forums,
  • An improved information architecture to help you quickly find what you need.

To ease your evaluation of MyScript technologies, we got rid of the 90 days trial period and you now have unlimited time access to the Starter packs. Last but not least, the Cloud Development Kit packs now cover all technologies (Text, Math, Graphics, and Music), and we have updated the previous pack purchases in your dashboard to reflect this more flexible pricing.

This update is the first of regular updates we plan for MyScript Developer in 2017, both in terms of development tools and in terms of the way we deliver these tools to you.

We also plan to conduct regular surveys to make sure that these updates meet your expectations. You can also use the email address feedback.developer@myscript.com to provide us with feedback on the site – for technical support, please use the forums.

MyScript is the worldwide leader in handwriting recognition technologies. Our mission through MyScript Developer is to help you get the best out of these technologies to build outstanding applications and develop your business. Any input you can provide that help us make sure we are delivering on this mission has a lot of value for us.

MyScript Developer team

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