What are my options to integrate MyScript technology?

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When it comes to integrate MyScript technology into your solution, you have several options: MyScript Interactive Ink SDK, often abbreviated as iink SDK, is the latest addition to our toolkit family. Built to address most of our customer’s feedback, it is the easiest and most versatile way to integrate handwriting recognition. Based on Interactive Ink principles, it is cross-platform at its heart and offers APIs that are both flexible and easy to integrate. It is set to ultimately replace both ATK and CDK.

You can get started here. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

MyScript SDK is a low-level toolkit providing access to our core text, math, shape and music recognizers. As such, it is best suited for advanced use cases or the support of very specific platforms that our other toolkits do not address. Most developers are advised to integrate higher-level SDKs such as iink SDK that make the development of web and mobile applications a lot easier.

MyScript SDK is not available from MyScript Developer, but you can contact us for more information.

MyScript Application ToolKit (ATK) and MyScript Cloud Development Kit (CDK) were respectively introduced to facilitate mobile and web applications development on top of MyScript SDK. As they are set to be ultimately replaced by iink SDK, we advised to rely on the latter for new developments, except if you require some functional aspects that it does not cover yet, such as superimposed text writing.

You can download MyScript ATK here (you will need a MyScript developer account) and learn how to get started with MyScript CDK at this address.

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