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MyScript is the source of the world’s most advanced technology for handwriting interpretation and digital ink management.

More than 350 million people use MyScript to harness the power of digital handwriting at work, at home, and on the go.

MyScript's new Interactive Ink technology is a breakthrough for the design of natural user interfaces. It leverages the increasing number of tablets and interactive boards with active pens. Handwritten content can be easily created, edited, and integrated into digital workflows.

MyScript's Interactive Ink SDK empowers developers in building user-friendly applications. It covers with consistent APIs all mobile operating systems and the Cloud. It supports a wide range of use cases, for example in the Education and the Enterprise markets.

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February 3-4 - Galvanize San Francisco - SoMa
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Bring your app to the next level. Take part in the Developer Week hackathon and enter our cloud and mobile challenges. You have 48 hours to build the next killer app, which supports handwriting of course!

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List of ideas

Non-exhaustive list of ideas that we would love to see implemented

  • Create a note-taking app that uses machine learning to suggest actions or push content as the user writes
    Smart assistants are everywhere nowadays. While most of them rely on vocal commands, there is a real value for them to react to the content of short notes or more complex documents. They can propose relevant actions and enhance productivity without the user asking.
  • Let users directly input data like diagrams, text or math into your app with handwriting
    Field workers as well as students can see real productivity gains by directly writing on a tablet. Whether it is to fill the fields of a form or of an exam, to write short notes to themselves, or to jot down a small calculation to get an immediate answer.
  • Teach mathematics in an engaging way using handwriting
    Learning math can be funny! Handwriting on-the-fly interpretation provides way to directly engage students with their calculations. Whether with real-time graphing capabilities, step-by-step solving or hint display, not to mention possible gamification options.
  • Provide collaborative functionalities using handwriting recognition
    Let people collaboratively create math, diagram and textual content across the network. On-the-fly handwriting interpretation provides advanced editing capabilities or contextual services. Build a brainstorming/retrospective system where handwritten “post-its” are exchanged and the minutes automatically generated.
  • Integrate handwriting in your productivity tool like Office or Google docs
    Build a plug-in to easily insert math content, to play with interactive graphs or to draft the content of your slides. Like you would do with pen and paper.
  • Create a VR/AR app that leverages handwriting
    Virtual or augmented reality opens the door to new incredible interaction possibilities. Invest this new world and imagine what handwriting recognition can bring to this all-new experience.

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