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MyScript Diagram manages handwritten input of a wide range of diagrams, from orgcharts, to flowcharts, to mindmaps, etc. More than 10 types of shapes, and text in many languages, and different types of connectors are supported. Editing and positioning gestures allow for powerful editing. Export to formats like SVG or GraphML makes the integration easy.

Diagram features

Features breakdown


Text and shape simultaneous recognition
Text and shapes can be drawn on the same canvas without having to switch tools.

Different types of connectors can be drawn to link elements in a diagram. Labels can also be added to connectors.

Powerful gestures
A set of simple gestures to help manage your text and shape content.

Easy integration
Any diagram can be shared as image, vector graphics (SVG) or XML (GraphML).

The recognition engine proposes its best choice for each handwritten word. Alternate words are also available in the suggestion list.

Supported languages
See language list.

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Diagram demo

A handwriting-to-pptx demonstration built with web APIs (Batch-Mode only).

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