What is Batch-Mode?

Sometimes, you just need to send ink strokes to the engine and get a result. This is not an interactive mode. This is batch-mode. In this mode, all strokes are processed in a single batch.

This mode is appropriate for existing applications that can not migrate quickly to interactive mode. This is also sometimes the only possible mode for devices that can not render immediate feedback to the user (like with digital pen&paper workflows).

This article will explain the key principles, the limits of the technology and the users’ limits.

Key principles

Batch-mode can be seen as a sub-part as interactivity. A batch-mode scenario takes only advantage of the interpretation part of MyScript technology. The strokes and the attached configuration are given as input and interpreted to build an iink content making the link between the ink and its semantics. This semantics can be retrieved via export (common formats supported by iink SDK or the most-complete MyScript JIIX format).

The user does not have immediate feedback. In spite of the interpretation quality, there may sometimes be errors. Your software should thus integrate a validation step.


MyScript research has shown that end users tend to get frustrated not to be able to correct interpretation issues as they write, with several steps needed before obtaining ready-to-use results. This is the reason MyScript recommends favoring Interactive Ink usage.

In addition to UX limits, no gesture or decoration can currently be detected in batch mode. The MyScript technology does not give access to a level of accuracy for all the potential candidates. It tends to make the usage along with content experts control process difficult.

Transition to Interactive Ink

Interactive ink and batch-mode can co-exist in your application with the unique, powerful, MyScript SDK. You can start today with your existing application and use only batch-more. As the API is the same and produces a single type of content compatible with all interactions modes switching from one mode to another will be a functional decision and not a technical one.

Explore the batch mode

You can experiment with batch mode, its performance and its limitations in this demo:

This demonstration use iink SDK Cloud. Please note that the same level of features is also available with iink SDK on-device

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