Content types

MyScript can recognize different types of content: Text, Math and Graphics.


Language support

MyScript text recognition technology supports up to:

MyScript Interactive Ink SDK currently supports a large subsets of these languages, in cursive, print or isolated styles, with more options expected to become available in future versions. Refer to this page to get the languages currently supported by the toolkit.

As MyScript recognition is inherently related to the handwriting language, it is essential to define it properly in the first place.

It is possible to add an extra resource to support the mixed recognition of your primary language with English words. This secondary English resource will make it easier for the engine to properly recognize English words mixed with another language.

Recognition modes

MyScript Text supports different handwriting modes to fit user needs.

Whether you are targeting small-screen devices, tablets or interactive whiteboards and whatever your use case is, MyScript has a solution for you!

We recognize all kinds of handwriting, whether print, cursive or superimposed.

What about sloppy handwritings? Well, MyScript can boast about recognizing all kinds of handwriting. Try us!

Completion and prediction

Besides recognizing what your user is actually writing, MyScript can also guess what he/she is about to write. Discover the completion and prediction concepts in the glossary.

Suggestion list

Even if MyScript is very reliable with handwriting recognition, a word can still be incorrectly recognized sometimes. That’s where suggestion lists come into play!

Suggestions are alternative options for a given word. Meaning in case a recognized word is not what the user intended to write, he/she can choose an alternative in a list of alike words.


With MyScript Math, users can smoothly handwrite mathematical operations and equations, edit them if needed, typeset them for a clean rendering and even solve them! Useful export options are also available: LaTeX, MathML, image, etc.

MyScript Math obviously supports simple equations, but can also boast about recognizing complex equations and formulas.

To see the complete list of supported symbols, rules and operations, read this section.

Display modes

Depending on your use case, it might be useful to choose the display mode of the input ink. Up to you to see what is more appropriate!

  1. As it is: symbols stay handwritten until solving is manually activated (if needed). The whole expression is then typeset and solved at the same time.
  2. Typesetting only: symbols are automatically typeset after a short delay, using standard math fonts or custom fonts. If needed, solving has to be activated manually.
  3. Typesetting and solving: symbols are typeset after a short delay, using standard math fonts or custom fonts. The whole expression is solved straight after, provided that its characters are supported by the solver.

To know more about our math solver, see the corresponding section.


MyScript Graphics allow users to draw and annotate all kinds of diagrams, charts, plans, concept or mind maps. Editing gestures are supported and a clean rendering can be obtained very easily.

In the above example, text has been centered and typeset, shapes have been aligned and made congruent.

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