One of the benefits of digital handwriting is clean and direct editing.

When writing on paper, you sometimes need to modify your content: You cross off, you strike out, you add something, you write over something else… The result can be quite a mess!

With MyScript Interactive Ink, you handwrite on a digital device as you would on paper. But you can also edit your content with gestures to get a clean result.

MyScript Interactive Ink identifies both your handwriting and your gestures. No need to learn specific gestures. Most of them are pretty natural and intuitive as described below.

Ink gestures

  • To erase a letter, a symbol, a word, a formula or a paragraph, scratch it out or strike it through:
  • To insert a word in your sentence, draw a straight line downwards (or several) to create an extra space.
  • To bring two words closer, you can either draw a straight line upwards:

or draw a line from one word to the next one:

  • To add a freeform section into a "Text Document" part, draw a line from left to right across the page, we call this gesture the slice gesture:

Decoration gestures

  • To highlight your text, draw a frame around it:
  • To define a subtitle or a title, just underline or double underline it:

Touch gestures

Besides the gestures described above, MyScript Interactive Ink supports extra touch gestures. These gestures allow users selecting one or several items either handwritten or typeset:

Actions associated to touch gestures allow applying a change on items.

  • Actions can be replacing handwritten ink by typeset:
  • Beautifying a diagram:
  • Showing or hiding a contextual menu:
  • Moving and/or resizing selected block:
Hello world Hello world
  • Moving a selected item:

To sum up gestures

With MyScript Interactive Ink, use your pen to write, and your finger to interact! But if you want to modify this default behaviour, you can reroute your input events so that they correspond to another MyScript Interactive Ink event type.

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