Editing gestures

One of the benefits of digital handwriting is clean and direct editing!

When writing on paper, you sometimes need to edit your content: You cross off, you strike out, you add something, you write over something else… The final result can be quite a mess!

With MyScript technology, not only can you handwrite on a digital device as easily as you would on paper, but you can also edit your content and obtain a clean result.

Besides recognizing your handwriting, MyScript can identify the gestures you make to edit your text. No need to learn specific gestures: Most of them are pretty intuitive!

  • Wanna erase a letter or a word? Scratch it out or strike it through.
  • Forgot a word in your sentence? Draw a straight line downwards (or several) to create an extra space.
  • Wanna bring two words closer? You can either draw a straight line upwards or draw a line from one word to the next one.

  • Wanna highlight your text? Draw a frame around it.

  • Need to define a subtitle or a title? Just underline or double underline it.

We also support additional gestures, such as single tap or long press for example.

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