What is Interactive Ink?

Interactive Ink is a new technology from MyScript to develop natural, handwriting-based user interfaces for applications targeting all form factors (smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1 computers, interactive TVs, etc.).

Many of these devices already support pen or finger input and capture “digital ink” as the result of the user writing on their surface. Yet, such input is not as integrated in the operating system as is the data coming from keyboard and mouse interactions. Digital ink is fine for drawing or raw note taking; It falls short when it comes to leveraging the content into a productive environment.

Interactive Ink makes ink a first-class citizen of the digital world, and the users more productive than with the traditional keyboard and mouse interfaces.

Moreover, Interactive Ink enables full multi-modal experience, with the ability to easily combine mouse, keyboard, voice and handwriting to provide the user with the best interactions depending on his tasks and surrounding environment.

Key principles

Interactive Ink delivers on its promises thanks to on-the-fly interpretation of digital ink, as the user writes. This makes it possible to seamlessly get the content required in digital workflows. A few common-sense writing constraints and real time recognition feedback help the engine deliver a good accuracy.

Interactive Ink also provides features that come handy in digital content editors. Space management with break and join handwritten gestures is consistent with using the return and backspace keys of a keyboard, selection and decoration handwritten gestures make it easy to get to a nicely formatted content that can be shared right away.

Interactive Ink is meant to leverage good handwriting-oriented hardware: tablets with active pens, graphical tablets, etc. The pen is used to write precisely, while the finger is used to manipulate content and trigger global functions.

Main benefits

Interactive Ink makes digital ink a digital content that can be seamlessly integrated with other contents like text, images, etc. As such, it fits perfectly within digital documents.

Interactive Ink is fully responsive, and can be displayed or edited across different form factors and with different device orientations. A note can be taken on a tablet, displayed on a smart phone, searched on a personal computer, etc.

With Interactive Ink, the content is immediately consumable by digital applications. There is no need for the user to export or retype the content.

Interactive Ink is editable through a few simple gestures. Decoration gestures make standard formatting easy.

With contents like mathematical expressions or diagrams, Interactive Ink brings huge productivity gains compared to the keyboard and mouse content editors. There are no more complex keyboards or numerous menu bars to handle. It is as simple as writing on paper, but with all the benefits of editing a digital content.


Portability across devices and applications is at the core of Interactive Ink.

Interactive Ink targets both on-device applications (mobile operating systems and beyond) and web applications. The goal is to eventually propose the same set of features in both areas.

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