Import and export formats

This page lists the available import and export formats depending on the block being considered. For further explanation, refer to the import/export section of the guide.

Available exports

  • Text block: JIIX, raw text, docx1 2, HTML1
  • Math block: JIIX, LaTeX, MathML, docx1 2, HTML1
  • Diagram block: JIIX, SVG, GraphML, pptx3, docx1 2, Microsoft Office clipboard format4, HTML1
  • Drawing block: JIIX
  • Text Document: JIIX, raw text, docx, HTML

Available imports

  • Text block: JIIX, raw text
  • Diagram block: JIIX
  • Text Document: JIIX
For the time being, JIIX import can only be used to select recognized text word candidates, as explained here.
  1. When exported from inside a “Text Document” part.  2 3 4 5 6

  2. Requires an ImageDrawer to be provided to the export method.  2 3

  3. Diagram content will be exported in its converted form. 

  4. Saved as a file at a location you define. It is up to you to place it into the clipboard using the Art::GVML ClipFormat key. Note also that Microsoft Office does not support pasting content from the system clipboard on all platforms. 

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