New in 1.3

Interactive Ink SDK 1.3 comes packed with improvements and several noticeable new features. This page provides an overview of the changes.

If you upgrade from 1.2, please take a look at the migration guide.

New Recognition Assets Builder

A new tool was added to iink SDK to let you dynamically generate text lexicons and math grammars.

This comes in addition to the pre-existing online tool to generate custom recognition assets.

This dynamic generation comes in handy to let end users add their own words to an in-app dictionary or to generate math grammars that are perfectly adapted to a given math exercise.

Customize the recognition
Build custom resources

Math JIIX import

It is now possible to import math JIIX content. Note that this import will replace any existing content.

Built-in import formats

Style and decoration export in JIIX

With iink SDK 1.3, it is now possible to get styling information, including potentially detected decorations, via the JIIX export.

You need to explicitly set the configuration option to true for JIIX to include the styling information (default value is false).

JIIX has evolved to version 2 to support this new functionality. Please have a look at the migration guide and JIIX reference for more information.

More flexible JIIX export

  • The behavior of the export.jiix.strokes settings has evolved to only command the export of ink strokes.
  • Two new configuration options (export.jiix.glyphs and export.jiix.primitives), both set to true by default, have been added to respectively command the export of converted glyphs and shape primitives.

New export for text parts in the Web

The Web platform gained the ability to export “Text” parts to iink, word and HTML documents.

Update to the latest MyScript technology

Interactive Ink SDK 1.3 is based on the latest version of MyScript’s core recognition SDK, resulting in recognition performance and accuracy improvements. Lexicons, for instance, have been updated to support new commonly used words.

While recognition assets provided with iink SDK 1.2 will stay compatible, you may want to update your users to the latest assets if you migrate them to 1.3.

Other changes

  • Improved layout of typeset math expressions like sums and limits, for a rendering that is closer to their LaTeX equivalent.

  • For native platforms, introduction of a new API letting you retrieve the view size you passed to a given editor.
  • The Windows API has been updated for UWP and WPF, letting you optionally directly call the C# Dispose() method to release iink internal memory rather than wait for the garbage collector.

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