New in 1.4

Interactive Ink SDK 1.4 comes packed with improvements and several noticeable new features. This page provides an overview of the changes.

If you upgrade from 1.3, please take a look at the migration guide.

Math animation

On native platforms Interactive Ink SDK 1.4 proposes to perform math animation (morphing) when converting math strokes to typeset.

By default this feature is disabled but can be set up with the math.convert.animate property. In addition to the property activation, the math animation requires the renderer to support “offscreen rendering”.

Boosted editing experience

Free writing blocks in Text Document

It is now possible to have freeform sections within "Text Document" parts by inserting "Raw Content" blocks.

Enlarged copy/paste possibilities

With iink 1.4 text copy is possible from any part containing text blocks. Copied text can then be pasted in either a “Text” or in a “Text Document” part. Math copy is available too, to either a “Math” or to a “Text Document” part. See the editing page.

Rendering API changes for native platforms

  • Rendering has two new interfaces ICanvas2 and IRenderTarget2 that allow to handle the drawing requests of offscreen surfaces. Read the rendering page to learn why you should use them and how to do so.

  • The ICanvas drawObject method expected behavior has changed, so if you migrate from previous iink version, follow this migration section.

More flexible import and export options

We have enriched iink with new import and export options.

JIIX import for Diagram and Raw Content parts

When importing JIIX content into "Diagram” and "Raw Content” parts, you can now choose whether you want to import ink data or to change the recognition candidates. Check the import and export page to learn more.

Export as images

Image export can now apply to a part only of the page or more than the chosen block extent. You can also choose whether guides appear or not in the image.

For details about the image export properties, refer to the configuration page and check this section to learn how to apply such a configuration.

Export as MathML and GraphML options

We have introduced two configuration properties for finer export tuning:

Styling improvements with iink 1.4

  • You can now change the guides spacing for "Text Document", by setting a theme that configures the font size and line height. See text Styling.

  • Dynamic styling : it means that iink computes the default styling parameters such as line height and font size based on the device resolution instead of using a static css containing default values. Of course, you can still override this default styling by setting a theme.

  • You can tune style to get immediate feedback while writing in a "Raw Content", on what the engine recognizes as text, shape and drawing. Examine here how to proceed.

Web changes

The iink 1.4 Web brings some refactoring into its Javascript library including a name change from MyScriptJS to iinkJS. This library grants you high integration flexibility by letting you choose your favorite framework or components. For this reason, we have decided to focus on iinkJS and to discontinue our ready-to-use Web components. Check the migration guide for upgrade recommandations.

Other changes

  • One new recognition language: English - South Africa (en_ZA)

  • The iink 1.4 Android libraries depend on AndroidX. If you are migrating from a previous release, you need to check the migration guide.

  • Addition of a new property ‘math.undo-redo.mode’ letting you choose the behaviour of undo/redo for “Math” content.

  • A property ‘diagram.tap-item-to-unselect’ now allows use you to tune the diagram items unselection.

  • New eraser properties for “Text Document”, “Drawing” and “Math” allow you to harmonize eraser settings.

  • For native platforms, introduction of a new API letting you retrieve the parent of a block.

  • The custom inking APIs are now also available on iOS and Windows.

  • Drop of Visual Studio 2015, so you should move to Visual Studio 2017.

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