Supported platforms

Platform and APIs

The following table lists the platforms and architectures that are qualified for the iink SDK 1.4 release:

Platform Min version Max version1 Architectures APIs
Android2 5.0 10.0 armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64 Java Android
iOS 10.0 13.0 armv7, x64, arm64 Objective-C (Swift-compatible)
Windows UWP3 Build 16299 4 Build 190414 x86, x64, arm64 WinRT
Windows Desktop Build 16299 4 Build 190414 x86, x64 .NET5
Web       JavaScript, WebSocket, REST
If your requirements extend to other platforms, please contact our sales team.

Should I go native or web?

The answer depends on your requirements.

You should probably use the native version if:

  • You cannot allow or ensure your users the access to an Internet connection.
  • You need to provide end users with content types that are not yet supported in the web, such as diagram or text document.
  • You want to have a fine control over the types of devices you consider or want to make use of specific hardware features linked to the stylus.
  • You want to avoid sending data to a remote server.

You should probably use the web version if:

  • You are developing a web or an hybrid application.
  • You prefer off-loading the recognition overhead to a remote server to spare resources on the local device.
  • You have data confidentiality constraints but you are ready to host the iink SDK server.
If you are interested in the on-premise version of the iink SDK server, please contact our sales team for more information and pricing.
  1. Last qualified version for the current release. Theoretically, newer versions of the platforms should be compatible. 

  2. Can be embedded into Android applications running on Chrome OS as well. 

  3. Comes with a UWP UI reference implementation and examples. 

  4. Windows 10 versions  2 3 4

  5. Comes with a WPF UI reference implementation and examples. 

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