If you are not yet familiar with MyScript technology, it is worth taking a few minutes to get to know our core concepts. MyScript technology is a powerful way to interpret handwritten input to inject ink into your digital workflow. This section explains the key concepts behind it as well as the ink interaction patterns that will let you make the most of it!

MyScript technology performs handwriting recognition with digital ink as input. So if you are not sure to make the difference between digital ink and optical character recognition go carefully through the whole concepts section to check whether MyScript suits your use case.

Digital ink has many advantages over its analog counterpart. It can be archived, shared, synchronized across devices and even searched, thanks to handwriting recognition. But, it falls short when it comes to deeply integrate with digital workflows. This is where interactivity enters the scene as we factored our UX expertise and years of experience into a logical, efficient concept that we call interactive ink.

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