Responsive and productive

Besides gestures and smart tools, MyScript iink technology proposes you responsive and productive tools.


MyScript iink technology enables interactive content, either handwritten or typeset, to reflow and tune to the view size.

Changing your device orientation or switching device triggers this reflow. MyScript iink engine might modify block dimensions or update ink size and arrangement when necessary.

Digital content ready to use in your digital workflow

In addition, you can create a full ready-to-use digital document from your ink, empowering your productivity. Interactive ink lets you structure your content in several areas. Each one has a specific and dedicated purpose: Text, Math, Diagram, Raw content or Drawing.

So, MyScript iink technology offers you a container hosting a collection of items as a dynamic and responsive stream of contents.

Furthermore, you can manipulate each of them using touch gestures. You can move and resize blocks, making the formating an easy task.

Once you have finished your editing, you can export your content in a format compatible with your digital workflow such as docx or html. MyScript iink technology thus makes your ink immediatly available for reuse into your digital workflow.

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