Shapes and connectors


Here is a list of the supported shapes:

Circles, ellipses Triangles Rectangles, squares Parallelograms Trapezoids Polygons Rhombuses


To create diagrams, you also need connectors. Here is the list of the supported ones:

Lines and arrows Hyperedges Elbow (angled) connectors Curved connectors

Shapes, connectors and text can easily be linked. Once two items are linked, moving/resizing one means moving/resizing the other accordingly.

  • Write text inside a shape to link both:
  • Write text next to a connector to link both:
  • Draw a connector between two shapes to link them:
  • Draw two connectors close to each other to link them:
  • Label a connector to link both:

As shown in the below figure:

  • When text is written inside a shape, the connector is linked to the shape, and not to the text.
  • When there is no shape, the connector is linked to the text.

When two elements are linked by a connector, it is called a “node”. A node can either be a shape, some text or even free drawing.

When the user places a unique and centered piece of text inside a shape, it is called a “cell label”. If text is placed near a connector, it is called a “label”.

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