Math features

Math recognition

To see the complete list of supported symbols, rules and operations, read this section.

Math animation

On native platforms iink SDK can perform math animation (morphing) when converting math strokes to typeset. By default this feature is disabled but can be set up with the math.convert.animate property. In addition to the property activation, the math animation requires the “offscreen rendering” support.

Math solver

MyScript iink SDK not only recognizes equations, it can also solve some of them! Its arithmetic solver can solve input equations under the following conditions:

  • The equation has to contain numbers and/or fractions, and at least one of the following operators or constants:
  • Equations with one unknown can be solved, but the variable has to be highlighted with a question mark, not a letter. Example: “4y × 2 = 24” won’t be solved whereas “4 × ? × 2 = 24” will.
  • Equations with more than one unknown can be recognized and typeset, but not solved.

Manual or automatic solver

You can either choose to add a button so that your user will activate the solver manually or to have your app automatically solve every supported equation. Just choose what is more appropriate to your use case!

Display features

You can choose the angle unit (degree or radian), how many decimals you want displayed and whether you want results to be rounded or truncated.

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