Migrate from 1.5

This page lists the key points to pay attention to when migrating existing code from MyScript iink SDK 1.5 to the new MyScript iink SDK 2.0.

You are recommended to use the latest recognition resource packs to benefit from the latest improvements made to MyScript technology.

API updates

This section describes the API updates that might impact your application code when upgrading to MyScript iink SDK 2.0.

Editor and IEditorListener changes

The editor now handles selection and block objects in a quite similar way.

  • For this reason, we have chosen to replace its removeBlock method by the erase​ method which takes as argument either a content selection or a non-root content block. So, if you were using the removeBlock, you should replace it in your code by the erase​ method.
  • To support both selections and blocks in IEditorListener events, the contentSelection method signature has also changed: it does not contain the list of selected blocks Ids anymore. So, on contentSelection notification, the changed selection should now be retrieved by calling getSelection on the editor.

Styling methods refactoring

With the introduction of the ToolController, the styling methods are no more linked to the pen but can apply to any tool. For this reason, the Editor pen style methods/properties have been removed from the 2.0 API. They have been replaced by the ToolController tool style methods:

  • If you were using the setPenStyleClasses and getPenStyleClasses, you should now use the setToolStyleClasses and getToolStyleClasses of the ToolController with the corresponding tool type (most probably PointerTool.PEN).
  • If you were using the setPenStyle and getPenStyle, you should now use the setToolStyle and getToolStyle of the ToolController with the corresponding tool type.
  • In addition, the listStyleClasses has been removed from the Editor without any alternate, as it was difficult to understand and thus barely used.

➤ For further details on how to use those new methods, please refer to the styling page.

Former IImageDrawer refactoring

We have added a new createCanvas method to what used to be the IImageDrawer and removed the IImageDrawer inheritance from IRendererTarget. This enables to simplify the image generation for export. We’ve also decided to rename the former IImageDrawer into IImagePainter which, we think, better reflects its role. You can refer to the ImagePainter of the new UI reference implementation for an example of IImagePainter implementation.

ICanvas updates to support a drop shadow on lasso selection

The ICanvas interface has a new setDropShadow method that is used to have a visual feedback on lasso selection, so when updating to MyScript iink 2.0, you should add this method to your ICanvas implementation.

Deprecated rendering layers removal

As the BACKGROUND and TEMPORARY rendering layers were deprecated in the 1.4 version, we have removed all their references from the SDK:

  • The enum LayerType in IRendererTarget now only contains 2 types that are CAPTURE and MODEL.
  • We have removed the drawBackground and drawTemporaryItems methods from the Renderer.

On iOS, IINKIFontMetricsProvider and IInkParameterSet API update and Swift methods renaming

  • The IINKIFontMetricsProvider has been refactored for an ease of use in Swift: the getGlyphMetrics method now returns an array of IINKGlyphMetrics instead of an array of NSValue. If you had implemented your own font metrics provider (either in Objective-C or Swift), you should update your code to take into account this modification.
  • Missing error handling has been added to IInkParameterSet getStringForKey method.
  • In order to propose iOS APIs that are more Swift friendly, we have renamed some Swift methods. So, if you are a Swift developer upgrading to 2.0, you will have to make some method name adjustments for the following classes and protocols: IINKContentPackage, IINKContentPart, IINKEditor, IINKEngine, IINKIRenderTarget, IINKRenderer, and IINKParameterSet. To get the full list of methods, please refer to the methods that come with the NS_SWIFT_NAME macro in the corresponding header files.

Interfaces refactoring on Java/Android and C#/Windows

The ICanvas2, IFontMetricsProvider2 and IRenderTarget2 interfaces have been merged into their corresponding super interfaces.

Other changes on Java/Android

  • MyScript iink SDK 2.0 requires Java 8 (or higher) compatibility mode, so when migrating depending on your application settings, you might have to add the following compile options in your build.gradle:
android {
    compileOptions {
        sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
  • The two deprecated export methods that were using a java.io.File argument have been suppressed. You should use the corresponding export methods with a FilePath output instead.
  • The TextSpan class has been refactored, so you should update the way you get its members.
  • The com.myscript.util.IAutoCloseable interface has been suppressed. Classes that were implementing this interface now implement the java.lang.AutoCloseable. Please refer to the Object lifecycle section for implementation guidelines.

UI Reference implementations update and refactoring

Our UI reference implementations have been updated to integrate the APIs changes listed in the previous section and the new tools. In addition, on Android it has been refactored to improve the classes responsibility split. So if you have been using our reference implementation, make sure to update your application accordingly.

Other changes

Diagram styling change

Due to the introduction of the highlighter, we have removed the .diagram-selection style class that used to set the style applied to the overlay diagram blocks selections. So, there is no more blue coloring on selected diagram blocks and it is no more possible to modify this styling option.

Raw Content gesture configuration update

The gesture.raw-content.enable-scratch property has been suppressed as it is now possible to activate more gestures on Raw Content. So, if you were using it, you should now use the raw-content.pen.gestures property instead. Check the configuration page to get the full list of gestures options and how to set them.

Intel® 32-bit architectures

The 32-bit binaries are no longer provided for Intel architecture (i386) on Windows platforms.

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