MyScript iink SDK for web-based platform

MyScript iink SDK web is a set of graphical libraries and server APIs that helps developers add digital ink capture and recognition in web interfaces.

Libraries, APIs and server types

This article assumes that you are familiar with handwriting recognition concepts and with the different types of content handled by MyScript.

MyScript technology processes all recognition operations on the server side. Developers can access this technology via server APIs available from MyScript Cloud or MyScript Server. Client side graphical libraries are provided for free on GitHub to make the integration easier in handwriting web applications. Available for all JavaScript frameworks.

Server MyScript Cloud or MyScript Server Client iinkJS MyScript iink SDK REST WebSockets

MyScript Cloud and MyScript Server

MyScript Cloud is a set of servers operated by MyScript engineers exposing an HTTP-based set of services, providing a handwriting recognition PAAS (Platform as a service). It is based on a REST architecture and on WebSockets networking that use the MyScript recognition engine in a client-server configuration. It can be used to provide handwriting recognition in many software applications, whether they are web, desktops, or mobile devices.

Accessing those WebSockets APIs is possible but it is recommended to be familiar with the overall architecture before using them. Concerning the REST APIs, you can find details about the architecture and some examples here.

The WebSockets or REST/HTTP API documentation can help you choose the most appropriate API for your use case.

You need to be a registered user to get access to the platform.

MyScript Cloud servers are deployed on AWS in Oregon and host the most recent update of MyScript technology.

MyScript Server is the MyScript Cloud software ready to be installed and managed on your premises. It offers the exact same APIs as MyScript Cloud. If you want our software to run on your own server, you can first develop with MyScript Cloud and then migrate to MyScript Server with only a few changes in the configuration settings. Please contact our sales team for more information and pricing.

Client side libraries for web applications

As explained above, you can use REST or WebSockets APIs directly. However, it means you have to code the stroke capture and rendering.

If you would rather like to integrate quickly in your web application, the client side libraries provided here get you covered. They are built and tested for both desktop and mobile web, and will take care of capturing and rendering the strokes for you, giving you an easy access to the recognized content. These libraries are available for free on GitHub.


iinkJS is the core library of MyScript browser technology. The integration of handwriting recognition and interactive ink is made easier in all web applications, thanks to all MyScript Cloud features. You will need some basic knowledge of Javascript to use it. It can be used whatever your favorite framework is and supports the latest version of all major browsers: Safari 10+, and the evergreen Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Get started now with iinkJS

Interactive Ink features support

At the moment, MyScript iink web only supports text and math content parts using the WebSocket protocol and text, math and diagram using the REST protocol. We are currently working on bringing diagram recognition and editing to the web using WebSocket. Please subscribe to the Developer newsletter if you want to be kept posted!

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