Migration guide from the CDK 3.2 API

This guide will help you migrating from MyScript CDK 3.2 REST API.


Migrating from CDK 3.2 REST API will allow you to benefit from the advantages of MyScript iink SDK and a common approach to all MyScript’s recognition services.


The main changes from MyScript CDK 3.2 REST API are:

  • Only one common REST endpoint and format for all recognition types
  • Credentials are now in the header of the request
  • A new Jiix format for output
  • An HTTP Standard compliant way of defining the output type
  • Swagger 2.0 format API

New Jiix format

iink SDK introduces a new common format for recognition output.

Please refer to the user guide to find more about Jiix format.

Output formats

formerly mathInput.resultTypes

The iink SDK REST API now supports several output formats. The requested output format must be set in the HTTP header of the request.

Please refer to the user guide to find more about output format handling.

Language choice

formerly analyzerInput.parameter.textParameter.language or textInput.textParameter.language

The selection of the recognition language is now part of the common configuration configuration.lang.


The application and applicationKey credentials must now be set in the header of the HTTP request.

Please refer to the user guide to find more about credentials.

API endpoint

Only one endpoint handles all the recognitions types. The API is common for all the recognition types.

Swagger 2.0

The documentation of iink SDK REST API is available in Swagger 2.0 format.

Text recognition

Text input mode

formerly textInput.textInputMode

No text input mode configuration is required. iink SDK 2.0 recognizes exclusively cursive inputs.

Result detail becomes jiix text configuration

formerly textInput.resultDetail

The result detail can be obtained when asking for jiix output. It can be configured setting configuration.export.jiix.text.chars and configuration.export.jiix.text.words to true or false. The text detail is always provided.

Text properties

formerly textInput.textProperties

The setting of the following text properties is not yet supported:

  • textCandidateListSize
  • wordCandidateListSize
  • characterCandidateListSize
  • wordPredictionListSize
  • wordCompletionListSize
  • discardCaseVariations
  • discardAccentuationVariations
  • glyphDistortion
  • enableOutOfLexicon
  • enableTagger
  • spellingDistortion

Subset knowledges and user LK words support

formerly textInput.subsetKnowledges and textInput.userLkWords

Subset knowledges and user LK words support are not yet supported.

User resources support

formerly textInput.userResources

The list of user resources can be set using the configuration.text.configuration.customResources array.

Please refer to the user guide to find more about text recognition.

Math recognition

Support for columnar operation

formerly mathInput.columnarOperation

This attribute is deprecated in iink SDK 2.0.

User resources

formerly mathInput.userResources

This attribute is deprecated in iink SDK 2.0. You can set a custom grammar for Math recognition using the attribute configuration.math.customGrammarId. You can also provide the text of the grammar using the attribute configuration.math.customGrammarContent

Scratchout detection sensitivity

formerly mathInput.scratchOutDetectionSensitivity

This attribute is deprecated in iink SDK 2.0.


new in iink SDK

The attributes configuration.math.margin.left, configuration.math.margin.right, configuration.math.margin.top and configuration.math.margin.bottom can be used to describe a margin in from the sides of the math expression bouding box to the size of the writing area.

It is only used for conversion operations.

Math solver

new in iink SDK

The math solver solves the input Math equation.

Please refer to the user guide to find more about math recognition.

Shape and Analyzer

Shape and Analyzer recognition are deprecated in iink SDK and are replaced by Diagram recognition.


iink SDK introduces Diagram recognition. In version 2.0, Diagram recognition of the iink SDK handles shape and text recognition.

Please refer to the user guide to find more about diagram recognition.

Ink Inputs

formerly textInput.inputUnits analyzerInput.components shapeInput.components mathInput.components

Text input types

formerly textInput.inputUnits.textInputTypes

There is no need to configure the text input type. The Ink SDK recognizes multi-lines text.

Bounding box

formerly textInput.inputUnits.boundingBox

There is no support for input bounding box per input element. The writing area is configured using the global parameters:

  • width
  • height
  • xDPI
  • yDPI

The x and y values of your strokes have to be calculated from the upper left part of the writing area.

Input types other than strokes

formerly textInput.inputUnits.components.type analyzerInput.components.type shapeInput.components.type mathInput.components.type

The input types “char”, “string” and “inputCharacter” are not supported.

There is no indication of the input type in iink SDK 2.0.


formerly textInput.inputUnits.components analyzerInput.components shapeInput.components mathInput.components

Stroke sending is done the same way for every type of recognition.

Please refer to the user guide to find more about ink sending.

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