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MyScript Graphics provides real-time conversion of hand-drawn shapes and text into digital graphics. Create diagram structures and geometrical figures.

Diagram Widget

Forget cumbersome shape palettes and discover an easy and natural way to draw diagrams with the Diagram Widget. Let users think visually when they take notes, brainstorm or create a document on a touch or stylus-enabled device. Boost your users’ productivity, engage them with an unprecedented digital handwriting experience.

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Geometry Widget

The Geometry Widget provides recognition, conversion, and interactivity of hand-drawn shapes, improving orientation, alignment, precision and connections between shapes. This enables the end user to create a figure and easily transform the sketch from a rough idea to a precise drawing. Developers can now diversify their exercises and provide more intuitive and engaging experiences for teaching and learning.

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Core technology

MyScript core technology provides total flexibility to accommodate all your needs for shape and text recognition. REST and WebSocket recognition APIs offer a perfect solution for all web based online applications. Contact us if you need native access (offline mode) to our core technology.

Features breakdown


Text and shape simultaneous recognition
Text and shapes can be drawn on the same canvas without having to switch tools. 58 languages and more than 10 types of shapes are currently supported.

Different types of connectors can be drawn to link elements in a diagram. Labels can also be added to connectors.

Handwritten or typeset rendering
Handwriting can be kept as it is or be converted into typeset text, either on-demand or automatically.

Interactive Ink
Easily manipulate any content: select, move, resize and align parts of the diagram. Erase elements and edit text using gestures.

Editing gestures
Several gestures are supported so that ink can be easily edited.

Option list
The engine recognizes and selects what seems like the best choice for each handwritten word. Alternate suggestions are also available and can be displayed in the option list.

Export options
Any diagram can be shared as image, vector graphics (SVG) or XML (GraphML).


Real-time shape recognition and conversion
Shapes are recognized in real time and can be converted into a clean and typeset version.

Constraint detection and addition
Remarkable elements are detected in real time. Any element can also be edited to make it remarkable, by using simple gestures.

Editing gestures
Several gestures are supported so that ink can be easily edited.

Segment length and angle value input
Segment lengths and angle values can easily be set and edited. Elements are automatically updated and properly rendered.

Serialization and export
Shapes can be exported as images and even saved to be reloaded for later editing.

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Handwrite, draw, edit and format your notes quickly, instantly convert and share them as digital documents.

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