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MyScript Math provides real-time conversion of handwritten input into digital math expressions. Simplify math input for assessment, educational applications and document creation.


Math enables you to easily enter equations or mathematical expressions into math assessments or when creating LaTeX documents. It is the perfect alternative to dedicated cumbersome keyboards or complex language scripts. Math is available as a widget for iOS, Android and Windows or as a Polymer-based component for web applications.

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Core technology

MyScript core technology provides total flexibility to accommodate your needs for math recognition. REST and WebSocket recognition APIs offer a perfect solution for your online applications. Contact us if you need native access (offline mode) to our core technology.

Features breakdown

Supported symbols, rules and operations
MyScript technology supports a great variety of symbols, rules and operations, from most to least common.

Matrices, multiple lines and columnar operations
MyScript even supports operations with specific layouts, such as matrices, multiples lines and columnar operations.

Export options
Mathematical expressions can be shared as LaTeX, MathML, text and symbol list.

Real-time recognition and conversion
Handwritten equations are recognized and can be converted to clean equations in real-time.

Editing gestures
Erase gestures are supported so that ink can be easily edited.

Arithmetic solver
Equations with one unknown variable are supported and can be solved!

NeboInteractive Ink

The best way to take notes.
Handwrite, draw, edit and format your notes quickly, instantly convert and share them as digital documents.


MyScript Calculator

Turn your handwriting into results.
MyScript Calculator lets you write any equation as you would on paper, the result is automatically calculated.

MyScript Math Sample

It is actually a plug-in for Microsoft Word available from the Microsoft Office store.

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