Handwritten calculation


Math allows easily entering and calculating arithmetic expressions. A step-by-step approach allows dealing with complex calculations in a very natural way.

Supported operations

Math expressions

Math manages input of mathematical content in the most common use cases: mathematical expressions, equation systems, matrices, etc.

It recognizes a large variety of symbols. Gestures allow for powerful editing. Import / export to specialized formats like MathML or LaTeX makes the integration easy.

All symbols

Handwritten math expressions

Features breakdown


Supported symbols, rules and operations
A great variety of symbols, rules and operations are supported, from most to least common.

Matrices, multiple lines
Advanced concepts such as matrices and equation systems are supported.

Easy integration
Mathematical expressions can be shared as LaTeX, MathML, text and symbol list.

Arithmetic solver
Equations with one unknown variable can be solved.

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The best way to take notes.
Handwrite, draw, edit and format your notes quickly, instantly convert and share them as digital documents.

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Turn your handwriting into results.
MyScript Calculator lets you write any equation as you would on paper, the result is automatically calculated.

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Math demo

A handwriting-to-LaTeX demonstration built with web APIs.

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