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DiagramWidget Class

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Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: MyScript.Atk.DiagramWidget
Assembly: MyScript.Atk.DiagramWidget (in MyScript.Atk.DiagramWidget.dll) Version: (
public class DiagramWidget : Control, 

The DiagramWidget type exposes the following members.

Public methodDiagramWidget
Constructor of the diagram widget.
Public propertyCanRedo
Gets a value indicating whether this instance can redo.
Public propertyCanUndo
Gets a value indicating whether this instance can undo.
Public propertyCertificate
Get or Set the MyScript Certificate
Public propertyInputDevice
Enable or disable input devices.
Public propertyPalmRejectionEnabled
Enable or disable palm rejection.
Public propertyPalmRejectionLeftHanded
Get or set palm rejection as left-handed or right-handed. Right-handed by default.
Public propertyStyleSheet
Define the location of the diagram styles. The diagram styles are automatically loaded from default application data location: 1.Application bundled data directory You can choose to load the diagram styles from a different path using this function.
Public propertyWritingStyle
Get or Set the writing style class.
Public methodAddSearchDir
Add the dir path to the resource search directories
Public methodAddStroke
Simulate a stroke.
Public methodBeautify
Beautify the diagram content.
Public methodBeautifySelection
Beautify the diagram selection.
Public methodClear
Clear the diagram content.
Public methodClearSearchPath
Clear the resources search path.
Public methodClearSelection
Clear the diagram selection.
Public methodClearUndoStack
Clear the diagram undo stacks.
Public methodConfiguration
Return the Diagram configuration class.
Public methodConfigure(String, String)
Configure the recognition engine with the correct ressources.
Public methodConfigure(String, String, String)
Configure the recognition engine with the correct ressources.
Public methodDispose
Release the widget context.
Public methodEnablePrompter
Enable the prompter.
Public methodExportAsGraphML
Get the recognition result as GraphML.
Public methodExportAsImage
Get the recognition result as an image.
Public methodExportAsSVG
Get the recognition result as SVG.
Public methodGetTool
Return the current tool used.
Public methodHasSelection
Indicates wheter the widget have a selection or not.
Public methodIsEmpty
Indicate whether the widget content is empty or not.
Public methodOnSizeChanged
Called when [size changed].
Public methodPenCancel
Simulate a Touch cancel event.
Public methodPenDown
Simulate a Touch Down event.
Public methodPenMove
Simulate a Touch move event.
Public methodPenUp
Simulate a Touch up event.
Public methodRecognize
Launch the recognition when recognition is set to manual.
Public methodRedo
Public methodRegisterCertificate
Register the diagram certificate.
Public methodSerialize
Serialize the current input and recognition result as a byte array.
Public methodSetDiagramListener
Set the diagram event listener.
Public methodSetTool
Set the tool.
Public methodUndo
Public methodUnSerialize
Restore an input and recognition result saved using serialize method.
Public eventPenCancelHandler
Listener for cancel Pen event.
Public eventPenDownHandler
Listener for PenDown event.
Public eventPenMoveHandler
Listener for PenMove event.
Public eventPenUpHandler
Listener for PenUp event.
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