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GeometryWidget Class
public Interface for Geometry Widget
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: MyScript.Atk.GeometryWidget
Assembly: MyScript.Atk.GeometryWidget (in MyScript.Atk.GeometryWidget.dll) Version: (
public sealed class GeometryWidget : Control, 
	IGeometryWidgetApi, IDisposable

The GeometryWidget type exposes the following members.

Public methodGeometryWidget
Initializes a new instance of the GeometryWidget class.
Public propertyBackgroundView
Get or Set the background view.
Public propertyCanRedo
Gets a value indicating whether this instance can redo.
Public propertyCanUndo
Gets a value indicating whether this instance can undo.
Public propertyCertificate
Get or Set the MyScript Certificate
Public propertyClearCommand
Gets the clear command.
Public propertyConstraintsSettings
Get or Set the constraints values.
Public propertyDisplayParameters
Get or Set the displayed parameters.
Public propertyInkColor
Sets the color of the ink.
Public propertyInkDashed
Dash aspect for the ink.
Public propertyInkThickness
Set the thickness of the ink. Default value is 2 pixels.
Public propertyIsBusy
Indicates wether the widget is busy or not.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Indicate whether the widget content is empty or not.
Public propertyPalmRejectionEnabled
Enable or disable palm rejection.
Public propertyPalmRejectionLeftHanded
Get or set palm rejection as left-handed or right-handed. Right-handed by default.
Public propertyRedoCommand
Gets the redo command.
Public propertyStyleSheet
Define the location of the geometry styles. The geometry styles are automatically loaded from default application data location: 1.Application bundled data directory You can choose to load the geometry styles from a different path using this function.
Public propertyUndoCommand
Gets the undo command.
Public methodAddSearchDir
Add the dir path to the resource search directories
Public methodAddStroke
Simulate a stroke.
Public methodClear
Clear the ink, text and all related objects like redo stack.
Public methodClearSearchPath
Clear the search directories list.
Public methodConfigure
Configure the recognition engine with the correct ressources.
Public methodDispose
Release the widget context
Public methodGetBooleanValueForParameter
Get a boolean constraint setting.
Public methodGetEnabledConstraints
Get the constraints for which the specified behavior is active.
Public methodGetErrorString
Return a string describing the error that happened during the configuration, if any.
Public methodGetFloatValueForParameter
Get a float constraint setting.
Public methodGetResultAsImage
Get the recognition result as an image.
Public methodLoadPage
Open a new empty page.
Public methodOnSizeChanged
Called when [size changed].
Public methodPenDown
Simulate a Touch Down event.
Public methodPenMove
Simulate a Touch move event.
Public methodPenUp
Simulate a Touch up event.
Public methodRedo
Public methodRegisterCertificate
Configure the geometry recognition engine.
Public methodSerialize
Serialize the current input and recognition result as a byte array.
Public methodSetBackgroundColor
Set the background color of the writing area.
Public methodSetBackgroundDrawable
Set a background to the write area.
Public methodSetBooleanValueForParameter
Set a boolean constraint setting.
Public methodSetDisplayValueForItem
Set display flag associated with a given item.
Public methodSetEnabledConstraints
Enable or disable detection and display of implicit and explicit constraints.
Public methodSetFloatValueForParameter
Set a float constraint setting.
Public methodSetLabel
Set the label value of a given item.
Public methodSetOnConfigureListener
Register a callback to be invoked at the beginning and end of a configuration process.
Public methodSetOnGestureListener
Register callbacks to be invoked when gestures are detected.
Public methodSetOnLabelViewCreatedListener
Register callbacks to be invoked when creation of a label view is needed.
Public methodSetOnPenListener
Register callbacks to be invoked when the user is writing.
Public methodSetOnRecognitionListener
Register a callback to be invoked at the beginning and end of a recognition session.
Public methodSetOnSelectionListener
Register callbacks to be invoked when selection or deselection are detected.
Public methodSetOnUndoRedoListener
Register callbacks to be invoked when at least one of Undo/Redo stacks has changed.
Public methodSetValue
Set the length or angle value of a given item.
Public methodUndo
Public methodUnSerialize
Restore an input and recognition result saved using serialize method.
Public eventPenCancelHandler
Listener for PenCancel event.
Public eventPenDownHandler
Listener for PenDown event.
Public eventPenMoveHandler
Listener for PenMove event.
Public eventPenUpHandler
Listener for PenUp event.
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