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MathWidget Class
Math widget Main class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: MyScript.Atk.MathWidget
Assembly: MyScript.Atk.MathWidget (in MyScript.Atk.MathWidget.dll) Version: (
public sealed class MathWidget : Control

The MathWidget type exposes the following members.

Public methodMathWidget
Math widget constructor.
Public propertyAngleUnit
Angle unit to be used in calculations.
The default value of this property is `MAWAngleUnitRadian`.
Public propertyStatic memberAngleUnitDProperty
Dependency property for AngleUnit property.
Public propertyBackgroundView
Background view of the writing area.
Public propertyStatic memberBackgroundViewDProperty
Dependency property for BackgroundView property.
Public propertyBaselineColor
Color of the baseline.
Public propertyStatic memberBaselineColorDProperty
Dependency property for BaselineColor property.
Public propertyBaselinePattern
Dash pattern of the baseline.
Public propertyStatic memberBaselinePatternDProperty
Dependency property for BaselinePattern property.
Public propertyBaselineThickness
Thickness of the baseline in points.
Public propertyStatic memberBaselineThicknessDProperty
Dependency property for BaselineThickness property.
Public propertyBeautificationOption
Enable or disable solving and/or beautification of written equation.
Public propertyStatic memberBeautificationOptionDProperty
Dependency property for BeautificationOption property.
Public propertyBeautifyCommand
Gets the beautify command.
Public propertyBundle
Get or sets the resource bundle name.
Public propertyCanRedo
Bool property that indicates whether the Math Widget has any actions to redo.
Public propertyCanUndo
Bool property that indicates whether the Math Widget has any actions to undo.
Public propertyCertificate
The data object containing the certificate.
Public propertyClearCommand
Gets the clear command.
Public propertyConfig
Get or sets the resource config name.
Public propertyDecimalsCount
Number of decimals displayed in the result.
Public propertyStatic memberDecimalsCountDProperty
Dependency property for DecimalCount property.
Public propertyEnabledGestures
Gestures that should be recognized. The default value of this property is `MAWGesturesDefault`, which means that both strike gesture and overwrite gesture are enabled.
Public propertyStatic memberEnabledGesturesDProperty
Dependency property for EnabledGestures property.
Public propertyFont
Gets or sets current font.
Public propertyStatic memberFontDProperty
Dependency property for Font property.
Public propertyInkColor
Color of the ink.
Public propertyStatic memberInkColorDProperty
Dependency property for InkColor property.
Public propertyInkThickness
Thickness of the ink.
Public propertyStatic memberInkThicknessDProperty
Dependency property for InkThickness property.
Public propertyIsBusy
Returns a boolean value that indicates whether the recognition engine is currently busy.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Bool property that indicates whether the Math Widget contains items (ink or text).
Public propertyItalicFont
Gets or sets current font for italic elements.
Public propertyStatic memberItalicFontDProperty
Dependency property for ItalicFont property.
Public propertyPaddingRatio
Top, left, bottom and right padding of the writing area, used when doing equation layout.
Public propertyStatic memberPaddingRatioDProperty
Dependency property for PaddingRatio property.
Public propertyPalmRejectionEnabled
A Boolean value that determines whether the Math Widget should ignore unwanted touches caused by the user palm.
Public propertyStatic memberPalmRejectionEnabledDProperty
Dependency property for PalmRejectionEnabled property.
Public propertyPalmRejectionLeftHanded
A Boolean value that determines whether the Palm Rejection should be configured for left-handed users.
Public propertyStatic memberPalmRejectionLeftHandedDProperty
Dependency property for PalmRejectionLeftHanded property.
Public propertyRedoCommand
Gets the redo command.
Public propertyResourcePath
Gets or sets the resources path.
Public propertyRoundingMode
Rounding mode used by the solver.
Public propertyStatic memberRoundingModeDProperty
Dependency property for RoundingMode property.
Public propertySolveCommand
Gets the solve command.
Public propertyTextColor
Color of the text.
Public propertyStatic memberTextColorDProperty
Dependency property for TextColor property.
Public propertyTransientTextColor
Color of the text added by the solver.
Public propertyStatic memberTransientTextColorDProperty
Dependency property for TransientTextColor property.
Public propertyUndoCommand
Gets the undo command.
Public methodAddSearchDir
Add given directory to handwriting resources search path.
Public methodAddStroke
Add a stroke to the controller.
Public methodAddSymbol
Append a calculation symbol to the current recognition result.
Public methodAddSymbols
Append a calculation symbol list to the current recognition result.
Public methodClear
Clears the ink and the text.
Public methodClearSearchPath
Add given directory to handwriting resources search path.
Public methodConfigure
Configures the specified certificate.
Public methodDispose
Releases the recognition engine.
Public methodGetErrorString
Return a string describing the error that happened during the configuration, if any.
Public methodPenDown
Play a pen down event.
Public methodPenMove
Play a pen move event.
Public methodPenUp
Play a pen up event.
Public methodRedo
Performs one redo step.
Public methodRegisterCertificate
Configure the math recognition engine. This function is non-blocking and returns immediately. Configuration is a lengthy process that may take up to several seconds, depending on the geometry resource attached. It is recommended to set up a configure listener to detect the end of the configuration process.
Public methodResultAsImageAsync
Gets the equation as an image.
Public methodResultAsLaTeX
Gets the equation as a LaTeX text string.
Public methodResultAsMathML
Gets the equation as a MathML text string.
Public methodResultAsSymbolList
Gets the equation as a symbol list.
Public methodResultAsText
Gets the equation as a text string.
Public methodSerializeAsync
Serializes the current input.
Public methodSolveAsync
Perform on demand solving. Becomes relevant when the `beautificationOption` is either `MAWBeautifyDisabled` or `MAWBeautifyFontify`.
Public methodUndo
Performs one undo step.
Public methodUnserializeAsync
Restores an input saved using the `serialize` method.
Public eventConfigurationBeginHandler
Configuration begin notification handler.
Public eventConfigurationEndHandler
Configuration end notification handler.
Public eventConfigurationFailedHandler
Configuration failed notification handler.
Public eventEraseGestureHandler
Erase gesture notification handler.
Public eventPenCancelHandler
Writing pen abort notification handler.
Public eventPenDownHandler
Writing pen down notification handler.
Public eventPenMoveHandler
Writing pen move notification handler.
Public eventPenUpHandler
Writing pen up notification handler.
Public eventRecognitionBeginHandler
Recognition begin notification handler.
Public eventRecognitionEndHandler
Recognition end notification handler.
Public eventUndoRedoStateChangedHandler
Undo redo state changed notification handler.
Public eventUsingAngleUnitChangedHandler
Current angle unit changed notification handler.
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