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ISingleCharWidgetApi Properties

The ISingleCharWidgetApi type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoCommitDelay
Set the delay after which auto-commit is triggered.
Public propertyAutoCommitEnabled
Enable or disable auto-commit feature.
Public propertyAutoFreezeDelay
Set the delay after which auto-freeze is triggered.
Public propertyAutoSpaceEnabled
Enable or disable auto-space feature.
Public propertyCharacterCandidateListSize
maximum number of character candidates.
Public propertyErrorCode
Return an error code describing the last configuration error.
Public propertyErrorString
Return a string describing the last configuration error.
Public propertyInkColor
Gets or sets the color of the ink.
Public propertyInkEffect
Rendering effect applied to the ink.
Public propertyInkFadeOutDelay
Set the delay after which strokes start fading out.
Public propertyInkFadeOutDuration
Set the duration of the strokes fade-out animation.
Public propertyInkFadeOutEffect
Set the ink fade-out effect.
Public propertyInkFadeOutStep
Set the amount of alpha faded out after each pen-up event.
Public propertyInkFadeOutTo
Set the target alpha value of the strokes fade-out animation.
Public propertyInkWidth
Gets or sets the width of the ink.
Public propertyInsertIndex
Set the index of the insertion point.
Public propertyLongPressDelay
Set the delay after which long press event is triggered.
Public propertyRecognitionMode
Set the handwriting recognition mode.
Public propertySpeedQualityCompromise
speed/quality compromise rating.
Public propertyText
the text managed by this widget.
Public propertyTransliterationEnabled
Enable or disable transliteration feature.
Public propertyWordCandidateListSize
maximum number of word candidates.
Public propertyWordCompletionCandidateListSize
maximum number of word completion candidates.
Public propertyWordPredictionCandidateListSize
maximum number of word prediction candidates.
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