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ISingleCharWidgetApiConfigure Method
Configure handwriting recognition engine. This method is non-blocking and returns immediately.

Configuration is a lengthy process that may take up to several seconds, depending on the handwriting resources to be configured. It is recommended to setup a configuration listener to detect the end of the configuration process.

When the device is rotated, Android completely recreates the UI without restarting the process of the application. After the device has been rotated, you need to configure the new instance of ISingleCharWidgetApi by calling this method again.

Namespace: MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw
Assembly: MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw (in MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw.dll) Version: (
void Configure(
	string bundleName,
	string configName


Type: SystemString
Name of the configuration bundle (for example, "en-US").
Type: SystemString
Name of the configuration mode (for example, "text").
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