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ISingleCharWidgetApiReplaceCharacters Method
Replace characters in the text. This method can be used to select an alternate handwriting recognition candidate for any word or character. The specified character range shall span a word or a single character, and the provided replacement text shall be one of the possible candidates to trigger a word or character candidate change.

Characters may be inserted at any location in the text by calling this method with the same start and end character indices and a non-empty replacement string.

Characters may be deleted from the text by calling this method with a non-empty characters range and an empty or

replacement string.

Namespace: MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw
Assembly: MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw (in MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw.dll) Version: (
bool ReplaceCharacters(
	int start,
	int end,
	string text


Type: SystemInt32
Character index of the first character to replace.
Type: SystemInt32
Character index past the last character to replace.
Type: SystemString
Replacement text string (may be null).

Return Value

Type: Boolean
true if the operation has been applied, false if the index range is invalid or the widget is busy processing.
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