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IOnSingleTapGestureListener Interface
Called when a single tap gesture is detected.

Namespace: MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw
Assembly: MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw (in MyScript.Atk.Text.Scw.dll) Version: (
public interface IOnSingleTapGestureListener

The IOnSingleTapGestureListener type exposes the following members.

Public methodOnSingleTapGesture
Called when a single tap gesture is detected. The application may choose to take action when a single tap gesture is detected, in this case this callback shall return true to indicate that it handled the event.

If this callback returns

, then the single tap gesture is considered by the widget as a genuine dot and passed to the handwriting recognizer.

This callback is called from a native thread, not from the UI thread. You must not call any widget methods from this callback, or the widget will enter a deadlock state.

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