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MyScript.Atk.Text.Sltw Namespace
Public interfaceIOnConfiguredListener
Called when handwriting configuration ends.
Public interfaceIOnControllerListener
Called when a controller is fully initialized.
Public interfaceIOnEraseGestureListener
Called when an erase gesture is detected.
Public interfaceIOnInsertGestureListener
Called when an insert gesture is detected.
Public interfaceIOnJoinGestureListener
Called when a join gesture is detected.
Public interfaceIOnLongPressGestureListener
Called when a long press gesture is detected.
Public interfaceIOnOverwriteGestureListener
Called when an overwrite gesture is detected.
Public interfaceIOnPenAbortListener
Called when the user aborts writing.
Public interfaceIOnPenDownListener
Called when the user starts writing.
Public interfaceIOnPenMoveListener
Called when the user is writing.
Public interfaceIOnPenUpListener
Called when the user ends writing.
Public interfaceIOnReturnGestureListener
Called when a return gesture is detected
Public interfaceIOnScrollbarTouchDown
Called when the user starts scrolling the widget manually using the scrollbar.
Public interfaceIOnScrollbarTouchUp
Called when the user finishes scrolling the widget manually using the scrollbar.
Public interfaceIOnSelectGestureListener
Called when a select gesture is detected.
Public interfaceIOnSingleTapGestureListener
Called when a single tap gesture is detected.
Public interfaceIOnTextChangedListener
Called when the text changes.
Public interfaceIOnUnderlineGestureListener
Called when an underline gesture is detected.
Public interfaceIOnUserScrollListener
Called when the user is scrolling the widget manually using the scrollbar.
Public interfaceISingleLineWidgetApi
This interface describes the public API of the single line widget.