Name  Definition
Application key Key provided on registration that identifies you as a valid user.
Candidate Refers to a recognition candidate. The recognizer outputs a list of results that are likely to match the input ink and keeps in memory all the alternatives it has considered during the recognition process (e.g. “cat”, “cal”, “eat”). These alternatives are called candidates. Each candidate is assigned scores to express how confident the recognizer is.
Digital ink Hand-drawn strokes that are captured digitally via a touch screen, stylus device or other digital writing implement. The strokes are an array of points, their ink coordinates (XY) and possibly their corresponding timestamp (T).
HMAC key This key is a way is used to crypt an application key and to check both the integrity and the authentication of a request.
Recognition Process of turning digital ink into machine-readable elements, such as digital text.
Resource Internal information used within the MyScript recognizer. This can be a dictionary or lexicon, a language resource that helps it convert a certain language, etc.
Result This is the result of the MyScript recognition process. The end result is the final choice for the whole ink sample. For Text, however, you can obtain more of the hierarchical tree that constitutes the result by asking to see x candidates at various levels.
Stroke A stroke is defined as the trajectory of the pen or finger from the moment it touches the surface until it is lifted. It is represented as a sequence of 2D points (XY) ordered by time (T). Strokes are sent to the recognizer, once the pen or finger has been lifted from the surface.