MyScript Application Toolkit

MyScript Application Toolkit (ATK) enables you to create mobile apps on iOS, Android or Windows (UWP). Check the below packs and choose the most appropriate for your project.

Starter pack
Small pack
249 USD
Medium pack
479 USD
Large pack
  • Over 10,000 licenses
  • Premium support

Frequently asked questions

MyScript ATK vs. MyScript SDK?

The blog post ATK, CDK, SDK: what does it mean? presents all MyScript toolkits. MyScript ATK saves considerable development time compared to MyScript SDK when building native mobile applications.

What is an ATK license?

An activated ATK license enables handwriting recognition in your app.

When is an ATK license consumed?

An ATK license is activated over internet at the first launch of each new app on each new device.

Is a permanent connection required?

No. However an internet connection is required to activate the license, and then, enable the handwriting recognition engine.

What happens when no connection is available?

Recognition is enabled during a 30-day grace period without internet connection. After that delay, the recognition engine, in your app, is disabled until a connection is made available.

How long is an ATK license valid?

Once activated, the license is valid for ever.

What happens when your app is reinstalled?

No new ATK license is consumed unless a factory reset is performed on the device.

What happens when a user updates your app?

As long as your bundle identifier is unmodified, no extra license is consumed.

What happens when all licenses are used?

If your pack is empty and all your licenses are activated, new users of your app will no longer be able to perform handwriting recognition within your app. You will be notified before your pack limit is reached.

What are the limitations of the starter pack?

Free pack is offered to you after you sign up. It gives you access to 40 licenses. This pack is not for commercial use.

What does premium support stand for?

Premium support offers dedicated and private support through ticketing system, with an answer in less than 48h.

Is music recognition included in MyScript ATK?

No, music recognition is currently available through MyScript SDK and MyScript CDK.

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