Being production ready

Here are some best practices before launching your application in production.

Checking your server host

Once your application is ready but before going live, please check that you are using the production server host: the host is the production url, whereas the host is reserved for demonstration or testing purpose. If you are using iinkJS, you should check the you are using. Please refer to the iinkJS configuration.


When registering as a MyScript developer, you get a 2,000 request a month free quota. This should be enough to develop and test your application. To remove this limit, depending on your planned volumes, you have to either subscribe or contact our sales team. For further details, check the Pricing section.

There are no key figures for user usage as it varies too much from an application to another. We recommend you to use the Cloud console while doing a user test to grab the figures on your application Cloud usage.

Controlling your expenses

You can set a blocking limit for the number of requests sent during the month, as well as a warning threshold to get an email when the blocking limit is about to be reached.

For example, you can set 50,000 requests as the blocking monthly limit, and 40,000 requests as the warning threshold. No more requests will be accepted when the blocking limit is reached. You can define the warning threshold and the blocking limit at any time in your dashboard.

Your user will not be able to use MyScript technology, once the blocking limit is reached.

Securing your application

Filters are powerful features accessible from your Cloud dashboard. In the Application list, choose the one that your application is currently configured with. Filter configuration is accessible on the bottom right of the screen.

Before deploying into production you have to configure a filter on IP address or Referer. Both accept valid JAVA regexp as input. After setting up a filter, all requests that do no match the filter will be rejected and will not be charged.

Installing MyScript Server on your premises

If you want to host MyScript Cloud API on your premises, MyScript Server is what you need. Please contact our commercial team for more information. Tell us more about your use case and your constraints and we will be glad to help!

Asking for MyScript support

Please contact us to get assistance from our consultants to build and deploy your application embedding MyScript technology.

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