Resource Builder 1.0

This tool has been created to meet the requests from developers who want to:

  • add a custom dictionary,
  • recognize only alphanumeric characters within a text recognition,
  • recognize different types of input in form fields
  • recognize only the elementary arithmetic operators (+, -, x, ÷),
  • recognize only fraction numbers.

If you are using our text or math handwriting recognition (ATK or CDK), you might be interested in knowing how to create your own specific resource. As of now, you can create your own:

  • Lexicon
  • Subset knowledge
  • Math grammar

You can learn more about these concepts in the documentation.

How to create your own resource?

Create your own resource file first. Lexicon will include a list of words in a simple text file (or .lex), subsets knowledge will include characters you want to be recognized in a text file (or .sk). To compile a specific math grammar, you need to add rules in a text file (or .def).

Note: Make sure you select an UTF-8-encoded file with the appropriate file type/extension (depending on the resource you want to create).

Then, download your resource (.res) file and use it in your application or your cloud request.

Target toolkit

The resource tool version may be different whether you use our widgets or cloud service, so please select ATK or CDK.

Type of resource to create

Ink Calculator

Want to see how your handwriting converts into strokes, points (coordinates) and kibibytes? Just write on the zone below using your touch device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and watch the numerical results near the writing area.

Using the icons, you can clear the writing zone, undo or redo your last action(s). To see what the request sent to the recognition server would look like, click on the 'Show request' button.

No handwriting recognition is done in this demo. If you want to try our recognition engine, please visit

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