What are on-screen and off-screen usages?


MyScript Interactive Ink SDK was primarily designed to build graphical-oriented, interactive solutions that let end users easily input and edit their handwritings. In such cases, the application contains a graphical user interface that displays in real time what users write.

captured ink real time feedback Exporteddocument Interpretation

This is the On-screen usage.


Sometimes, however, it makes sense to integrate MyScript Interactive Ink SDK Off-screen, without any user interface.

It might be the only possible mode for devices that cannot render immediate feedback to the user. This is the case for digital pen and paper workflow. In such cases, the application interprets the strokes and makes the interpretation results available as an exported file.

Off-screen limitations

MyScript UX research has shown that users wish to fix interpretation issues as they write. They are reluctant to performing several steps before obtaining ready-to-use results. This is the reason MyScript recommends favoring On screen usage.

With Off screen usage, users do not have immediate feedback. So, in spite of the interpretation quality, there may sometimes be errors. Your software might thus need to integrate a validation step to improve recognition results.

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